Warm Traditions Family Room Remodel

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In the Family Room we designed a plan that took out our clients old fireplace and large unframed mirror and gave them a nice larger double tiered fireplace complete with an onyx stone surround. We went with a classic white mantle to offset the gorgeous but possibly overpowering onyx, and I think it was a great pairing. The new quarter sawn oak wood flooring in a gorgeous medium toned finish runs right up to the onxy hearth and was a complete opposite of the old carpet and tile they had. We also tore out the old medium oak railing and replaced it with a larger classically designed dark stained oak newel post with painted white balusters. The dark oak newel post and handrail help define the stair rail and add visual interest. Not to mention the two tone look of the dark railing framing the white balusters will allow us to go with either dark or light cabinets when we complete the kitchen remodel down the road.

As for the furniture we replaced the old worn out blue leather sofas with a medium toned brown tufted leather sofa set with custom cushions. As this family room that you see from the front door also serves the purpose of the main tv gathering for the family it had to function as such but also look it’s best. One of the few seating arrangement options was to have a sofa and a loveseat in order to fit the whole family and still be able to view the TV. Often times in a smaller room this will create a problem because you will have two large sofas that are the same color and they seem redundant and blah, plus we weren’t even able to break up the blahness by a sofa table because there wasn’t enough room. We fixed this dilemma by selecting a medium brown leather that had multiple tones throughout it, so even though it was one color of leather there is some visual interest. On top of that we removed the new leather sofa cushion shells and stored them away for safe keeping (those might come in handy one day with grandkids!) and had them reupholstered in a gorgeous green paisley with accents of gold to warm it all up. Add on the custom pillows with a knubby tweed and a stripe with fringe and you have a gorgeous sofa set that is not only appealing visually, but sturdy and functional to hold up with a family of boys!

Some of the “to do’s” we put on our list at the start of this project was to design a solution for more controlled lighting and to fix the interesting wall that separated the family room from the living room. As for lighting we installed some recessed lights, a new decorative ceiling fan, and an entry chandelier all which were installed with dimmer switches. As for the wall, the two rooms are connected by a large vault, but the wall that separated them only went up about 8 feet and then there was shelf space. On top of just being odd looking with a post going through it, the function of the family room suffered due to the fact that sounds would echo as they were watching TV or listening to music. So we designed a plan that took the wall all the way up and preserved most of the shelving space so that we could add visual interest by displaying accessories up top. Plus, on the living room side of the wall we were able to add some fun trim to the wall to give it a great look like it was always supposed to be that way (living room pictures coming soon!) So with the wall in place we were able to install some rope lighting up top to highlight those fun accessories we added. Then we took down the outdated family photos (new ones will be displayed down the hallway “gallery”) and replaced them with a fun clock and a large relaxing picture that just beckons you to walk into it!