Customize Your Home for Your Family

If you’re building a custom home, it’s because you like to be different. You want to have the freedom to help shape and design your own living space, so that it matches your practical needs, your favourite activities, and your own personal sense of style perfectly. When it comes to custom homes, there are some trends to be found amidst all the expressions of individuality. Take a look and think about how you might incorporate some of these items when working with your own building a custom home Sydney. Wall of WindowsDepending on the size of the wall, a wall of windows can be ostentatious or modest.

An ostentatious wall is favoured by people wanting a show-stopping space in which to entertain guests. It will probably be at least two stories tall, in a cavernous space with a cathedral ceiling and a balcony created by the upstairs hall. Whereas in the past you would probably have wanted a separate room for each, which would need to be decorated accordingly, now the trend is to build a couple of simple, plain bonus rooms instead. These multipurpose rooms can be used for any purpose, and their main advantage is that they can change with the life of the house as your needs and interests evolve.

Bonus rooms also often double as small, simple guest rooms. Master Suite Sitting RoomAnother trend noted by custom builders in Adelaide is the master suite sitting room. This private sitting area provides a place for the lord and lady of the house to relax, far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.Fancy GaragesCustom home builders in Adelaide are also often asked to create special garages.

This might be a practical request, like adding an extra garage bay to hold a boat or an ATV, or a more whimsical request, like creating a unique roof angle or adding a living space above the garage with gabled windows and other fun architectural accents. Above-garage living spaces also tap into the rising trend of intergenerational living, because it allows a homeowner’s parents or grown children to have their own semi-detached apartment in the home.These are just a few of the special bonus features that people are adding to custom houses. Remember, the whole idea of custom is to get things just exactly how you want them, so don’t be afraid to raise your own unique ideas with your builder.

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